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Manage centrally all your payments & statements in Business Central

Speed up your banking

ITadvise Multi-Banking helps you organize and speed up your banking experience by connecting your Business Central system to your banks. Turn your ERP into a multi-banking manager and manage all your banking-related tasks in one software. Refine and simplify treasury operations and automatize highly manual tasks.

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Bulletproof security

Multi-Banking protects payments with a secure, encrypted communication channel and user access management. Only authorized people can access your banking and only those banks or bank accounts which they need to work with.

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Use cases

Most popular

Reduce finance-related operational costs

Save up to 1 man-hour/15 transactions by automatizing manual tasks, and speed up banking by managing all accounts in a  single interface.

Multi-banking through one interface

Turn Business Central into a multi-banking system to oversee finances and manage all banking tasks through a single channel.

Transparent transactions

Gain visibility into all banking actions by providing one view of all bank communications.

Reduce operational risks

Avoid human error by replacing manual tasks and steps with highly efficient automation.


Supported payment methods

  • SWIFT (MT940 statements by default, MT101 payments on request)

  • SEPA

  • Wire transfer

  • Direct debit

  • ESR payment

Supported payment methods


Schedule automatized statement processing. Multi-Banking will flag potential mistakes. Unique tracking numbers help speed up statement reconciliation.


Customizable payment process

Set up your payment process according to your company policies to improve control, efficiency, and transparency.

Customizable payment process

Unlimited bank connection

You can replace various access points with one single solution, no matter how many companies or bank accounts you have.

Unlimited bank connection

Traceable transfers

Multi-Banking helps you track all individual transfers by assigning a unique identification number to all payments.

Traceable transfers

Great compatibility

Multi-Banking works with

  • NAV2016

  • NAV2017

  • NAV2018

  • Business Central.

Great compatibility

ISO 20022

We use the ISO20022 universal financial industry message scheme standard. Supported communication formats: PAIN001, PAIN002, and CAMT053.

ISO 20022


Get the support you need with our ⅝ helpdesk to keep the performance of company finance frictionless.



Your bank details and payments are protected with user access management and encryption. Not just the communication, but the messages can also be encrypted between your ERP and the banks.


Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central a comprehensive business management solution designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. We are a proud partner of Microsoft.

We guarantee, that you'll get state-of-the-art solutions.


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