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Make all your documents organized, audit-ready, and easily accessible.

Speed up administration

ITadvise Document Linking helps you speed up your financial administration with automated document digitization and linking in Business Central. By linking items as related entries, you can improve transparency.

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Digitize and automate

The solution generates QR codes and unique IDs for your documents. Stick this QR code on your paper document and scan it, or use the unique ID for digital documents.

ITadvise Document Linking will do the rest; it automatically uploads the documents to a repository and links them to the right entries in Business Central. Moreover, you can easily create item links by dragging and dropping files to the entries. Document Linking can handle any kind of files, including multipage PDFs, office documents, images, videos, and what have you.


Use cases

Most popular

Administration transparency

Have all information at your fingertips, directly available from Business Central. All required files are available directly from the entries. You no longer need to search for documents on the shelves or in other systems.

Linking evidence

Keep evidence together with the items to make audits easier.

Paperless office

All linked documents are available in a searchable, digitized format. You can work only with digital copies.

Quick document access

Find all linked items right from the Business Central entries and view them with a simple click.


Document linking

​Our product automatically connects your evidence to the right entry or entries.

Document linking

Document digitization

Stick the QR code generated by the system on the document and scan it. ITadvise Document Linking uploads it to a repository and makes it easily accessible in Business Central.

Document digitization

DMS integration

ITadvise Document Linking can be integrated into various Document Management Systems.

DMS integration

Standalone operation

Our product works as an extension with Business Central, simply storing evidence in your file system, so there is no need to buy a DMS solution.

Standalone operation

Auto document separation

​Put all documents to the scanner with the QR codes and scan them. Document Linking automatically splits documents and uploads them one-by-one as a separate file to the repository.

Auto document separation

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